Curiosity in the Pursuit of Culture

The following post is a collaboration on culture in the modern association from opposite sides of the world—but not opposite ways of thinking. Co-authored by me and DelCor President Dave Coriale.  We address similarities in culture, rather than differences, in an attempt to provoke your own intentional curiosity in the pursuit of culture.

Culture by Design is a worthy pursuit for any organisation suffering at the hands of culture by default. I propose three pillars of a Culture by Design: in my humble opinion, they are intentionality, authenticity, and relentless execution. The latter is a phrase I adopted from a worthy sourceTristan White, CEO of The Physio Co., named one of Australia’s top five places to work.

Pondering these pillars again on a recent international flight gave me time to considerwhere is curiosity in all of this? For it is curiosity that is first required as the catalyst for inquiry or internal discussions that become the foundation of organisational change. Continue reading


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