When will Australian sport stand up for itself, together?

I am sitting here patiently waiting for someone purporting to advocate for community sport to stand up and be counted.

I would like to know who will be first to ask why the Federal Government shifted the “minor” portfolio out of Health and coupled it with (albeit very important) portfolios of Indigenous Employment; and, Homelessness?

Where once there were Federal and State Departments of Sport & Recreation there are now only “Offices of Sport & Recreation” hidden underneath other portfolios except in WA thanks to the robust positioning of its Director General.

The Confederation of Australian Sport is no longer. The loose confederation of State Sport Federations has a major identity crisis with little to no advocacy role being played out on any major stage with any effect despite there being some very nice and good people involved as both executives and volunteers.

And so here we are with an Australian Sports Commission with big Government plans for the future of sport and heaps more money; a Crawford report into how sport should be positioned; and, now a Government putting Sport at the bottom of the pile of far more testing social portfolios affecting our nation.

Anyone with me for a new single national entity advocating for community sport?


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  1. Lauretta Stace

    It’s hard to imagine how the ‘Health and Ageing’ department can live up to its mantra of “Better Health and Active Ageing for all Australians” without embracing Sport in its portfolio. This should be of particular concern for the health of children, as sport plays a vital role in their development and acceptance of physical activity as an important part of their lives. Is sport now just about elite athletes and winning gold medals?