Back then, Walkie Talkies. Now, iPod Touch.

Back then it was two walkie talkies. Today it is iPod Touch. Same, same but different.

This last Christmas Barnes6 and Barnes9 both received an iPod Touch from Santa as was their wish. My wife (@barneswane) and I marvelled at the way the kids played so nicely together with the gadget in common. With iMac, Macbook, iPad, Shuffle and Classic already resident in our house iPod Touches were made to feel right at home. A good deal of Boxing Day was spent getting them App’ed up including adding Skype

I travel a lot and like to use Skype to stay in touch. I like to be able to see the kids. So it was with great excitement that the updated version of Skype for iPhone and iPod Touch now allows for use of the video cameras, particularly with the two on the latest Touches. The kids were off and running, Skyping each other from either level of the house.

It reminded me of a time when I was about 9 years old. My best friend Alan (we are still friends after 33 years) lived about six doors up on the same street when we were growing up. We liked to play spy games and built secret hideouts in the  bush and in our homes. In particular we loved using walkie talkies. Not the expensive, fair dinkum kind mind you. I am talking about the Kmart versions for about $20.

In any case, one year we begged our Dads to help us take it to the next level. We had the Dads install 5 metre aerials on the roofs of our houses, run a wire from the aerial down to and through our bedroom windows which were then attached to the aerial on the walke talkie itself. At a prescribed time each night we would turn them on and chat. Not sure about what seeing as we spent most waking hours in each other’s company but we chatted until it was time to sleep.

It was only 30 years ago and in a time where there were no home computers. There were some Apple IIe computers at one of the schools in our town but that was it.

Really, I think, not much as changed.

Kids like to chat and now they can do it online with handheld devices that will play them  music, feed them games and let them watch movies as well.  It is so cool we can experience the same, same but different stuff with our own kids and have it not that far removed from what we ourselves were doing.


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