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Item 8 on my things to do in 2013 included preparing for and delivering a cracker presentation at the ConnectingUp conference alongside my colleague @angiekarpouzis. I am stoked report that we delivered the presentation last Friday and received a great response.

Titled “Turning a Twitter Hashtag into an Organisational Culture” the presentation tells the story of how #TeamCool became not only a commonly used hashtag to our team of 20 Tweeps at Fitness Australia, but also became the basis for defining the organisational culture at Fitness Australia. This culture has underpinned stunning results across a range of KPIs since 2007.

The elephant in the room at all NFP and Association technology conferences continues to be that few organisations pursue the organisational culture required to thrive in the 21st Century.  Their staff are inspired by ideas and tech tools shared at a conference like ConnectingUp however they have to return to a workplace where “management” does not support the experimentation, transparency or openness required to try & adopt the technologies that could create value for their constituents.

So, thanks to support from Humanize Book authors Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant, Fitness Australia has been exploring and experimenting on cultural alignment initiatives that are not the force behind our team continuing to call themselves #TeamCool. #TeamCool-worthiness has a framework now and language that can help us share the story.

And share we did. We got great feedback about how to make it better. We got great feedback in the 15min Q&A that followed and we got people asking if they can come work with us.



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May 19, 2013 · 8:23 pm

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