Promoting our Performance through PersonifyTV at #ASAE13

Live at ASAE13 Interview

Jamie Notter and Robert Barnes, COO of Fitness Australia, discuss how an organization’s culture can be created around social media, enabling more experimentation and refinement of management processes. – See more at:

So great to know the story of Fitness Australia’s culture attracted such attention as to also give us the opportunity to interview with Paul Gannon from Personify on their PersonifyTV program Live from ASAE13.

There is plenty of work to be done on culture in Association sectors in the US and Australia and I am super keen to lead the charge. There is no question in my experience that team happiness and performance is significantly enhanced through intentional work on organisation culture. There is also a direct link to enhanced organisational performance and reputation. No CEO or Board can deny this given the results we have achieved at Fitness Australia since 2008.



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