10 Tips to Kickstarting Your Association Culture

10 Tips to Kickstart Your Association Culture.

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Cultural alignment to your organisation’s values & objectives is critical to 21st Century success in association management. Most Association Executives don’t know where to start this conversation so we have 10 tips to help you kickstart your culture. Thanks to @jamienotter and the team that brings you Associations101 I am pleased to make my presentation available to you to download as an eBook. 

Seven years of intentional work on Fitness Australia’s culture yielded amazing personal and organisational results. So compelling is the case study that the most recent issue of Associations Now magazine carries Joe Rominiecki’s feature and follow up articles on Robert’s work with Fitness Australia:

Our 10 tips are key takeaways from the Fitness Australia journey & from the potent cultural platform described in the Humanize book (www.humanizebook.com). If you are interested in this or any other of my presentations on organisational culture hit me up on  Twitter or contact form below and let’s talk about how we can start changing the world one association mission at a time – starting with yours!



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