F.A.I.R Moments: My Year with Aptify.

The decision to join the Aptify team in 2014 was 70% cultural, 20% professional and 10% emotional. Here is a privately owned company selling a market leading technology directly into the association sector (which I love). The company is paying significant attention to the culture of the clients and prospects not just their need for the technology. Association culture is a feature of my work to date and Aptify’s own focus on its culture is inspiring to me and the industry.

A year after accepting the offer to head up their Asia-Pacific office out of Sydney, Australia I am experiencing everything I had wished I would. A chance to work in a private sector technology company partnering associations among whom I have worked all my life – tick. Learn new skills in selling, relationship management, technical consulting and software support – tick. I am getting to talk about the elephant in most association decision-making rooms – their internal cultural readiness for technological change.

I have blogged before about how easy it is for association executives to blame technology for the failure of a project. Even in my early discussions with Aptify clients and prospects drilling into their pain points or failures around technology yields agreement about issues like control, lack of transparency & accountability between people being the likely suspects, not the software itself. No wonder few people in my career have been genuinely stoked about their AMS and the value it brings to their lives each day.

Not until now.

Aptify clients are very emotional about Aptify. If it is not working for them they let you know! And that is okay because having such an emotional reaction means they care. They care about their association, they care about their work and they care about Aptify. Now they realize that in Aptify’s team they have found people who also care about those three things.

When I speak with a client who is kicking goals on the back of Aptify they also cannot stop talking about it. What I notice about these clients is they work in a culture that supports experimentation. I believe experimentation is a cultural imperative if you are going to be a successful 21st century association.

Experimentation (Humanize, Notter & Grant 2013) describes the capacity of an organization to allow its team to try new things (small safe tests) and use the results to drive enhancements. This is particularly potent in a platform like Aptify where you can drive it wherever you need it to go, and if it fails, go back and try something else.

Having the courage to experiment with the platform that runs your whole association is a big thing. And this is why I am focused on talking to clients and potential clients about their cultures when I talk to them about the success they will achieve when they choose a partnership with Aptify.


For more on Aptify contact me – robert.barnes at aptify dot com.

For more on culture that works – visit http://www.culturethatworks.net/.


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