:: Association Management

21st Century Associations should strive to be meaningul moreso than relevant. If you are thinking about being relevant you probably are not.

I have only ever worked for an Association. I started at 19 for the Surf Life Saving Association of Australia. I recently turned 39 and I now work for Fitness Australia – the National Health and Fitness Industry Association. I am a member of Associations Forum (AUS), AuSAE and ASAE (USA) and contribute regularly and widely to the Association Management sector both here in Australia and internationally.

My Association-based career I owe to my Dad who volunteered for every club and Association I and my siblings were involved in. He was president of the swim club, rollerskating club, basketball officials association, masters swimming association and more. He taught me the value of joining and contributing which I continue to do both voluntarily and for a career.

I speak, write and work actively in the Association Management community in Australia, New Zealand and the US where I have developed a strong network of Association Management thought leaders. It is in this space we regularly debate the future of Associations in the 21st Century.


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