Attended, Presented, Sponsored #CEOChair16


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Associations Forum is the ‘association’ for associations in Australia. I have enjoyed a close working relationship with them for a decade now and most recently had the opportunity to sponsor and speak at the 2016 CEO & Chair Symposium.

I love getting feedback (most of the time!). Here is what some people had to say about my presentation:

  • Outstanding session .. very relevant and so engaging .. could have done hours on this 
  • Too much psychology and not enough examples. 
  • This was a great session and we have actually followed up with Rob and hope to use him in some capacity in the next few months with our Board. 
  • Lots of enthusiasm. 
  • Interesting and best up to date info. 
  • Great presentation, with interesting thoughtful view point. 
  • Very engaging speaker, I have already looked at the words we use! 
  • I think there could have been good conversations here if time 
  • Chairs and CEO get where they are based on their approaches to creating cultures. Thought the content was fairly basic for this audience and too “one size fits all”. Thought it would be an excellent presentation for the National Conference. 
  • I particularly liked Rob’s energy. Some great ideas and tips on how to actually live and breath the culture (rather than just talk about it).

Let me share some of my own takeaways from this experience.

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