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Takeaway for Barnes :: Ramblings from #ASAE13

This was my sixth ASAE annual meeting and I have taken much longer than normal to reflect on my takeaways from #ASAE13 than usual. It was a different experience this year and so it has taken longer for me to collect my thoughts on what resonated with me most. 

The overarching theme was me making a conscious effort to contribute not just participate. I have been blessed to participate in annual meeting for so long now. What I have learned has directly contributed to my personal success in my role with @fitnessorgau and contributed to Fitness Australia’s success since 2008. Time to put something back.

My mentee and me at #ASAE13.

My mentee and me at #ASAE13.

So here is my top takeaways from 2013:

  1. App Tip: Uber was a godsend in Atlanta. Only Sydney has dodgier cabbies than ATL and so hat tip to @sgiarde for putting me on to Uber for the multiple trips I made around the city and to and from the airport. The sooner it is available down under the better.
  2. Contribute: This year my schedule was dominated by invitations to meet and contribute rather than simply pick a session and participate. ASAE’s Megan Denhardt invited me to workshop content and format for Great Ideas 2014 and being in a room with such rockstars as Sheri Jacobs, Jeff Hurt, John Chen & Tom Morrisson was awesome. I received an invitation to meet with a Korean delegation who work on behalf of ASAE and MCI in Korea. They are working closely with the newly formed Korean Fitness Industry Association and were looking to connect which we did and it was very productive. Then there was my session with @jamienotter which went really well.
  3. First-timer Mentoring: What a great way to make new friends.  I volunteered to offer my time to a first time attendee. Connecting with Brent McConnell before the meeting made it super easy to catch up when we arrived in ATL. It also helped that he works for Higher Logic and I have friendships with some of his colleagues going back six years. Hat tip Lauren Wolfe and Conor McNulty. Contributing this way is very rewarding and I know that in Brent I have a new mate, an NCAA football rival and professional colleague equally passionate about enhancing the work of Associations. Continue reading

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