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What’s really outside the Association business model box?






Damned thinking outside the box!

Just when you think you know everything someone or something comes along and opens your eyes, mind and heart to a whole world of stuff we don’t know. I am a fan of quoting “what we don’t know and can’t do will always be more than what we do know and can do.” If only Associations would embrace this premise. Never before has this quote been more true for Associations than in the 21st Century Information Age.

I am enjoying watching the online discussions & posts from some of the world’s leading Association thought leaders (aka Jefff De Cagna, Jamie Notter et al) and inspirational Association Executives like Tom Morrison around business model innovation. While the debate can lend itself to being interpreted too simply in terms of the way an Association works or engages its members; it is in the underlying premise that the real interest for me lies.  Continue reading


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