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The quality of a good car park

Just the simple act of snagging a car park out front of my surf club, right on the beach, this morning was enough to spark one of the more enjoyable mornings I have had with my kids.

I love how something so simple made for such fun.

Armed with a list of chores that needed to be done we realised that we needed to also make the most of having “park of the meet”. For, the more time we spent out of the house the more quiet time Mrs Barnes would be able to enjoy on Mother’s Day eve.

Without a timetable, I realised that the more I was relaxed about the things that needed to be done and when to do them, the more the kids enjoyed just being able to goof around. I enjoyed saying “yes” to most of the things they said they wanted to do knowing they understood we had to get Barnes8 a haircut, check the PO Box and buy dog food plus groceries at two separate stores.

Four hours later we arrived home, still laughing and enjoying each other’s company. I got to really see the kids playing together for the first time in a while. I heard them laughing, talk about poo and wee (and think it was funny instead of barking at them to stop) and also saw them use their manners without having to be asked.

So they do listen!

I wanted to enjoy our time so I could make the most of the great car park. I got to enjoy my kids.

Simple ingredients, major outcome.

That, really, is what The Wobbly Jelly Theory is all about.


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