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Thanks but No Thanks and My Feedback Promise.

Today I received two “thanks but no thanks” letters to two separate submissions I made. I replied asking for feedback as I genuinely would like feedback so I can do better with similar opportunities in the future.

No really, despite what most know about me, this time I do want the feedback and I do want to do better. I realise though with so many submissions The Rejector is unlikely to respond to my request.

It reminded me how many times over the years, particularly as an employer, I too have not just shied away from giving feedback but I have blatantly ignored their request and moved on with my work. Now, I feel bad as feedback might have just given this person the jumpstart they needed. I dont want to be The Rejector. I want to offer someone a chance to improve and succeed.

I really enjoy listening to The Manager Tools podcasts and I particularly like their Feedback Model (http://manager-tools.com/2009/02/starter-feedback-model-part-1) . I am going to take the time to renew my learning on this model and use it effectively again with my team. I am also going to make sure that any time someone asks me for feedback to their job application, their project submission or their written work I am going to take the time to provide it in a constructive way that I hope is accepted in the spirit it is offered.

For once, just once, it might be the difference between that person taking a mighty step forward or not. I would like that opportunity however I can’t control that so I will act on what I can control and hope it offers someone a new opportunity to get ahead.

It is s simple ingredient added to any opportunity.


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