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Association Management in an Internet-enabled World

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The 21st century has heralded some of the most exciting and challenging innovations for Associations. Associations with histories dating back into the 18th and 19th centuries are facing futures where people’s capacities to associate has changed dramatically in the Internet-age. Associations were formed on the back of people’s common issues and interests because people were getting together to discuss them and then wanted a framework within which to make decisions to move an issue forward or decide a common policy.

Now, millions of people can discuss an issue, engage in debate and share ideas (and photos and videos) having never met the others they are associating with all thanks to the Internet. More specifically it is thanks to what many term “social media” or technologies that allow people to share information in real-time over the Internet.

More than ever before Associations should understand and embrace these platforms for managing their Associations not just marketing them.

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