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2013 – A Progress Report.

Humanize over Coffee 


Here is an update on the things I made a commitment to myself to do this year. I really feel I am getting somewhere and it is nice to tick a few boxes.

  1. Finish making the basketball backboard for my son and attaching it to the house so he has somewhere to practice. And, keep learning how to be a better coach for his under 12 team. – DONE
  2. Snowboard in Colorado, attend Great Ideas 2013 and represent @fitnessorgau at the 2013 IHRSA Convention in Las Vegas – yes, this is work. – DONE
  3. Book tickets for our family trip to the US to celebrate my wife’s 40th birthday. Got to lock this in whether we can afford it or not else we make excuses why we shouldn’t when we SOOOOO should. – DONE
  4. Genuinely investigate setting up Dangerous Minds subsidiary RTO to deliver sport education online in a truly innovative and compelling way. – PROGRESS. eLearning Platform selected. 
  5. Finish the side fence and gate and repay my father in law for his help by spending a few weekends at the farm with him helping out with the cows. – DONE
  6. Enter the 50km cross country MTB ride with @petesanders because I am sure it will be fun. Then get ready for a 12hr race, then the big 24hr race in 2014. – CANCELLED AS TRAVEL PLANS CLASHED.
  7. Do not miss the first time my daughter dances all her new routines this year – she is a national champion now after all! – PROGRESS: TWO EISTEDDFOD’S DOWN FOR TWO SECOND PLACES IN NEW ROUTINES. WOOT!
  8. Really do a good job designing, preparing for and delivering the three conference presentations I have been selected to present (Connecting Up 2013 & ASAE 2013 included) alongside colleagues @angiekarpouzis; then, @jamienotter. Organisational culture is a personal interest and I really want to do a good job of this. – DONE

Hope 2013 is progressing nicely for you too. Will be thinking of some new things to add to this list as it gets shorter.



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